Under the theme: Lawless Cuisine
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
Setting up the room for The Country Event Victor Slezak dines with guests between plays Chef Willis Loughhead explains his entree creation to guests Brooke Berman chats with guests
Marylouise Burke and Jessica Dickey rehearse Brooke Berman's Things That Uused To Be Alive Marlo Hunter with guests Joan Copeland, Lisa Gilford, and Jill Rubin Chef Loughhead speaks to Marylouise Burke and guests Maria Dizzia, Patch Darragh, and Victor Slezak rehearse Neil LaBute's The Furies
Marlo Hunter with guests Elsa Neuwald and Joan Copeland Guest Joan Copeland enjoys Chef Willis Loughhead's description Patch Darragh and Jessica Dickey rehearse Steven Levenson's That The performance table and surrounding guest tables at The Country Event
Patch Darragh, Jessica Dickey, Maria Dizzia, Marlo Hunter, Marylouise Burke, Brooke Berman, Victor Slezak, Steven Levenson