Under the theme: A Taste of Eating Their Words
Monday, October 19th, 2009
Welcome to The Tocqueville Event. A guest gushes over Chef Moreira. Tables get acquainted with new friends. Marlo Hunter introduces chef Marco Moreira.
Playwright Sam Forman jokes with VIP guests. A guest shares the duo of beef with her neighbor. Sam Forman, Anna Kerrigan, and former ETW playwright Beau Willimon await dessert Artistic Director, Marlo Hunter chats with guests.
More Praise for Chef Moreira. Sam Forman congratulates actors Aya Cash and Christopher Evan Welch after they perform his play. Marlo Hunter congratulates the cast after Theresa Rebeck's dessert play, 'Birth Day'. Isabel Keating talks with guests at her table over the Gnocchi appetizer.
Theresa Rebeck dines with her VIP table. The chocolate torte. Jonathan Sherman chats with guest Alexander Chaplin. The Creative Team -- Christopher Evan Welch, Theresa Rebeck, Sam Forman, Marlo Hunter, Austin Lysy, Aya Cash, Isabel Keating, Lauren Kay