I am a Vegetarian or Vegan or Macrobiotic or a Picky Eater. Can you adjust the menu?
    Food, as art, is inevitably subjective. This is an event which treats the meal and the plays as art, and we plan on making both very appetizing. If you are a practicing Vegetarian or Vegan, we ask that you contact marloeatingtheirwords.com with at least one week's notice, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference while still expressing the creative intent of the dish, to ensure you experience Eating Their Words fully. Unfortunately we will not be able to make last minute changes to the menu.
I have food allergies. What should I do?
    You will not be able to finalize your ticket purchase without initializing the form which asks for any and all known food allergies. We will absolutely adjust whatever is necessary in your meal to ensure we don't kill you. Please respect those with serious allergies, and refrain from listing ingredients that do not pose a serious threat to your health.
How long is the event?
    Anticipate approximately three-and-a-half hours, leaving enough time for the full meal, the integrated performance, and time to socialize before and after.
What should I wear?
    Please see the website for the restaurant hosting the event you are attending as they will generally suggest requested attire. Jacket and tie are rarely required. Business casual to cocktail attire is usually appropriate.
When do I need to arrive?
    We ask that you arrive promptly at the beginning of the event.
How will we be seated?
    Eating Their Words is a social, supper-club event, and is meant to bring people together for a shared experience. You will be sitting with your party, but we will place your party at a table with other parties. In other words, you will be dining socially.
Is the performance "interactive"?
    No. The performance is very intimate and integrated with your meal, but is not "interactive." You will not be interacting with the performers during the pieces, or asked to do any role-playing.
Can I take pictures?
    In accordance with the Actor's Equity Association rules and regulations, the use of any recording devices, audio or visual, is strictly prohibited. You may take photos of yourself or other guests after the performance has concluded, but please, no photos of the performers, as we will have to ask you to delete them.
How old do you have to be to attend?
    Due to potentially strong language in some of the plays, parents should use their discretion when bringing children to an event. We suggest that guests be at least 16 years of age. You must be 14 to attend an event.